Barry Nahe for New Castle County Executive

It is time to focus on the future
My vision for New Castle County and Delaware in general is to become the Silicon Valley of Trades and Technology. In order to achieve this goal, we must focus on creating as many opportunities for employment as possible for the young people who are currently in High Schools and Universities and who are pursuing studies in trades, technology and engineering, since these students are currently in high demand and they will continue to be in the foreseeable future. The demand for the skilled and hi-tech professionals will continue to increase since the jobs that required manual and unskilled labor will be eliminated in the near future and replaced with automation.
The politicians who are pushing for hiking the minimum wage in the private sector to $15 for unskilled professionals are accelerating the path to unemployment for many of the entry level positions in the food and the hospitality industries, since these jobs will be eliminated from these industries very soon. The politicians know they are dooming the employment of the unskilled laborer, but they see that as an opportunity to earn themselves more votes since most of these people believe in their lies and will blindly support their elections.   
I am running for office to offer bold and innovative solutions to the many issues created by corrupt politicians and to provide leadership to move New Castle County forward.
My platform centers around three main items in order to use county government resources to create as many opportunities as possible to the youth and the disadvantaged:
  1. End the cronyism and eliminate all non essential positions in the upper leadership from all departments and the county executive’s office to save 8 to 16 million dollars.
  2. Invest in the County's future by providing employment opportunities in New Castle County to approximately 200 to 400 high school and college students and establish vocational/technical centers in all disadvantaged areas to train citizens to master skills and technology to enter the 21st century economy and beyond.
  3. End the racist practices used when hiring minorities into the trades in New Castle County government and provide opportunities to minorities in entry level positions to enter Apprenticeship programs and become skilled in various crafts and technologies.
My goal is to develop vocational centers for Skills and Technology where people from all walks of life living in New Castle County can master skills and technology to achieve their dreams and to start the new business model for the 21st century and beyond. I am very optimistic about the future and I believe that this is my mission in life. My desire is for every young and disadvantaged American to have an opportunity to realize their dreams through skills and technology, to free themselves from government control, and to live the real American dream based on hard work and the Judeo-Christian values this country was founded on.